A day for “Locks Of Love” and no Glamour Shots

A day for “Locks Of Love” and no Glamour Shots

Yes, today was an Act of Kindness. Have you heard of Locks of Love? If you read to the end you will see a special offer from me.

What is Lock of Love? They are a non-profit organization that helps children that are financially disadvantaged in both the United States and Canada in which they provide hairpieces. They help children under the age of 21 that suffer from any long-term medical hair loss. To find out more about Locks of Love click on the link.

So I helped out today, and I am sharing my “before” and “after” photos.  Please keep in mind that these are by no means “Glamour Shots” but I hope what I did today will put a smile on a child’s face.

Have you already donated or does this inspire you to donate to Locks of Love?  All you have to give is 10 inches, and we are lucky because our hair grows back out. Please share your story or comments with us.

The first picture was taken about 7:30 a.m. this morning. The second picture was taken about 9:30 a.m. this morning to show the front. The last picture is to show the back.  I wonder how much weight I lost this morning…should have stepped on the scale before I when to the Lion Mane in Tallahassee. Oh, and all I had to do was get my hair cut…and they take care of sending the hair to Locks of Love. Could it be any easier?…not really.


If you have long hair and have thought about getting it cut, think about it, could you live without 10 inches for a little while (IT WILL GROW BACK) it to help a child out.  Call your local salons and find one that already knows of Locks of Love.

I challenge you to participate! If you donate to Lock of Love, I will send you a special gift. You will need to send a before and after photos, and let me know how many inches to jill@jillsstampingcorner.com

Thanks for stopping by and for being part of Jill’s Stamping Corner. Be INSPIRED, be CREATIVE, and SHARE!