Another post about the importance of sending cards.

Yes, I am doing another post about the importance of sending cards to people you care about.

Have you ever thought about the times in your life when things are not going exactly how you planned them to go? Maybe things at work have been really rough for you. Maybe you had an unexpected expense that has put you in a financial crunch. Maybe you are dealing with some type of a loss.

Would it make you feel a little better if you received a hand made card in the mail from someone letting YOU know that THEY are thinking about you and that THEY care about you?

In our daily lives we have so much that goes on…work, family, pets, daily obligation…that we all get caught up and we forget to reach out to people just letting them know that we are thinking about them, that we care for and/or love them, that we are there for them.

Just the simple act of sending out a card to someone MAY make the BIGGEST impact on that person when they receive it. It could be the best thing that happened to them that day. It could be the first time they smiled that day. It could be the thing that turned around their whole day.

I asked this question on my Facebook Page today and wonder what your answer would be. Please leave a comment for your answer.

If you KNEW that sending a card to someone would “make their day” would you take the time to send it to them? What is your answer?

YES I would send out the card…


I would think about it but probably would not send it.

Here is another card that I created during my “Stamping Therapy” this past weekend.



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  1. Kavi COulson says:

    Hi Jill!
    Long time no talk! LOL Love your idea about sending cards and will get one or 2 or more out today! Are you attending any of the Unite & Excite events? Five of us from Crazycrowd are going to Raleigh, NC Sat. for the one there.
    Am signing up for your Blog-hope you are still posting “schtuff” there as I do not use any of the other ways out there-eg twitter, etc.

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