Another post about the importance of sending out cards.

ElizabethNewHouseCardI am doing another post about the importance of sending out cards.  A few weeks ago I did several posts on why we should send out cards to people we care about.  I have a ‘case in point’ story to share. This story is actually about me. I was feeling kind of down this week. I got home from work and walked to my mail box thinking either there would not be any mail at all or it would be junk mail.  I opened the mail box and there was junk mail, but when I grabbed it, I saw another piece of mail…a little envelope addressed to me.  I recognized the handwriting and immediately started to smile. I opened the envelope and this is what I pulled out.

My dear sweet friend Elizabeth Harris, and fellow demo, sent me this card that she created welcoming me to my new home. It really made my day to receive this card. THANK YOU Elizabeth for not only sending me this cute card welcoming me to my new home, but most of all for putting a smile on my face!

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