Count Down to Super Bowl Sunday and Stamping Game!


This post is a little late, but as you read on you will see why.

I am glad that I am not really a Chicago Bears fan or a Green Bay Packers fan, but I have family in both areas. The out come of this game resulted in part of my family being very happy and part of my family being very sad. 

Time is narrowing down to see who the best football team is in the Nation. My question for you is…

…are you Hunter Green & Gold (Green Bay Packers)? 


…are you Black & Gold (Pittsburg Steelers)? 

Well, no matter what colors you are, I have a little sneak peek to my Super Bowl Stamping Game that is schedule for Super Bowl Sunday (Sunday, February 6th) at the Dallas Cowboys stadium (the game will be there, but my games is on the phone or by email), with the time still to be determined.  For all of you that are not football fans, you will still need to pick a team for this game, because there will be something special for those that pick the team that winds the Super Bowl. 

SNEAK PEAK:  You will have multipe opportunities, depending on how you play my game, to be my Super Bowl Champ.  My Super Bowl Stamping Champ will win a gift certificate which could be up to $20.00 on your next order from me. 

If you are getting excited about my Super Bowl Stamping Game and want to play, email me at today with Super Bowl Stamping Game in the subject line and let me know that you want to play.

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