Crafting Therapy – take it when and where you can.

Here is my 5 minute crafting therapy today. It is the day before the move. My brother and his wife will be arriving around noon today, which will take some of the pressure off of me.

Do you have those days where you cannot complete a thought and another thought pops in you head? This is one of those days. I was supposed to be off from my day job today, but work has been so busy that I am going in for a few hours this morning.

Are we ready for the movers tomorrow? No, but we will be. Did I feed the dogs this morning?…yes. Do they have water?…yes. what about the cats?…I think they had food. Got my lunch. What am I forgetting?…can’t think of anything, but I feel like I am.

I think my five minutes of crafting therapy is over today. Even thought tomorrow is going to be extremely busy I am going to have another five minutes.

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