Do you know who George Eastman is and how he relates to Stampin’ Up!?

No, George Eastman is not a demonstrator nor does he work at Stampin' Up! (or any other paper crafting business), however he is a very important part of scrapbooking and paper crafting around the world.  Let me tell you a little about George Eastman…he was born on July 12, 1854 in Waterville, NY.  So I say to him, "Happy Birthday" even though he is no long around to celebrate.  But all of us should also say "Thank You" Mr. Eastman for your invention.  Mr. Eastman invented the flexible roll film and the Kodak Camera.

Take a moment to really think about how this man, George Eastman has really impacted the scrapbooking and paper crafting world.  Through his invention, he opened the door for anyone who has the desire to preserve a little history with a photo snapshot. 

Do you think that Stampin' Up! would have even been thought of if it were not for Mr. Eastman?  Maybe, but what would Stampin' Up! be without photos?  What would a scrapbook page look like without photos? What would the Annual Catalog look like…no samples to see? We would not be able to share all those presious moments or our paper crafting creations with others, or at least not as quickly as we are able…we would have to mail them.  

Are you like me, I remember my first camera being a Kodak.  Do you remember the square flash bulbs, and remember that you could only take 4 pictures with the one flash blub? And after you were done with your roll of film, you had to take it to the store (usually a camera store or a drug store) to drop the roll off so it could be mailed off somewhere for all your pictures to be developed. Then your pictures would be mailed back to the store for you to go pick them up. And if you were lucky, the process take around a week.  I am glad the camera world has changed and that we don't have to go through all of that to get pictures developed.  What was your first camera? Please share what your first camera was or share a fun camera memory in the comments section below.

All of this reminds me that I have several boxes of pictures that need to make their way to some scrapbooks…I better get busy working on those scrapbooks.  

So "Thank You" again Mr. George Eastman for sharing your invention with us.  (To  learn more about George Eastman click here.)

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