Getting Ready for Your Holiday Parties

Once August rolls around I start thinking about all the holidays that are fast approaching like…Labor Day, Halloween, Veteran's Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year's…and think about cards that need to be made, gifts that need to be made, and parties to plan.  I thought that I would share how I go about planning for successful events.

1. I first get out my calendar to pick a date that is far enough in advance to be able to properly plan for a successful party.

2. I get four sheets of paper out so I can make my different lists. The first list is for who will be invited.

3. After the date is picked and the list of the invitees has been completed, I start working on my other "TO-DO" lists.

4. My second "TO-DO" list is everything that I need to do for the party. Items on this list are…

  • Date invitations will be created, completed, and mailed out
  • Menu for party, date for food shopping, date for food to be completed (Depending on the type of food, some foods can be repaired early and stored in the freezer or refrigerator.)
  • Types of decorations that will be used, date to create them and a date to have them completed
  • Decision if there are to be any gifts and/or door prizes, if so, what the gift/door prize will be, date of when to have gift/door prize created and a date to have them completed
  • Make list of supplies that will be needed for the party

5.  My third list is all the supplies and/or items that I will need for the party…my shopping list or items that I may need to order. An Example of this list would be…

  • napkins___
  • plates___
  • silverware___
  • cups___
  • food___ (this would be broken out to each individual item)
  • gift___
  • decorations___(this would be broken out to each individual item)
  • etc___

6. My last list is my check list to make sure that all items have been completed on my other lists. This list might look like this, and would have a line to check off…

  • _____Guest List
  • _____Invitations – made/mailed
  • _____Food List (under this I would have a list of the food that I am planning to have) 
  • _____Decorations
  • _____Gifts
  • _____etc

This is kind of my outline that I use for planning parties and events.  It really helps to write things down to make sure that you don't forget something important…sort of like Santa…making a list and checking it twice. I hope this will help you when you are planning your parties. If you have any suggestions that you would like to share, please leave them in the comments section below.

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