Happy Columbus Day – Stampin’ Up! Style

In honor of my Italian-American heritage, how could I not recognize Columbus Day. Some of you  might think I am a little late in saying this because you may have had the holiday on Monday, but today is actually Columbus Day. It is celebrated on the second Monday in October, but it was October 12, 1492 when Christopher Columbus landed in the New World. The celebration of Columbus Day became an official federal holiday in 1937. So I say…Happy Columbus Day.

image from www.typepad.com Here is my Happy Columbus Day Stampin' Up! Style. This is for my wonderful St. Angelo family. This is a very special picture that was taken last year at the debut of the movie about my family, "George, Gordon, and Doug St. Angelo: A Look Back" a Patrick Cone File. It had been many year (and a lot of added family members) since the entire family had been together. This family photo has everyone except my Aunt Beatty who passed away a few years ago. I love you St. Angelos! 


I used the Italian flag for my color choice and layout inspiration. I am going to frame this and give it to my dad.

Make your own keepsake today. Happy stamping,



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