Happy Grandparents Day

Did you know that today was Grandparents Day? To all the grandparents out there I hope you are having a wonderful day and hope that at least some of you are able to share some time with your grandchild or grandchildren.

All my grandparents have passed away, but I often think about them and how special they were to me. I decided to share a little of what I am remember about them today.

I remember playing checkers with my Grandpa Schneller. I remember a lot of things about my Grandma Schneller, trying to teach me how to use her sewing machine, ham and scalloped potatoes, and playing the organ. My Grandpa St. Angelo told “Chippy” stories and made home-made pasta. My Grandma St. Angelo had a bowl that she kept grape gum in for us when we came for a visit.

What are some fond memories that you have of your grandparents? Leave a comment.