HAPPY MAIL! ~ Birthday Cards

If you have been following my blog, you know or found out that Tuesday was my
birthday, and I got HAPPY MAIL this week.  I want to share with you the
beautiful cards that I received, and I thank all of them for thinking about me
and sending me such nice birthday wishes.

Adriana BThese
card are from my UDI sisters.  I received this card from Adriana Benitez.  I met
Adriana at  Regional this year, and we had a little chance to chat and get to
know each other. We were at the same table with some other divas. I was a
little sad that Adriana was not able to go out to dinner with us that night,
but she need to get back to her hubby, it was either their anniversary or his
birthday that day. Sorry Adriana, I can't remember.    

Elizabeth HAnd this card is from Elizabeth Harris.  Elizabeth and I were Stamping
Sisters.  We also attended Regional in Orlando this year together. Don't you
just love the little pink elephant?


Janice RAnd this card is from Janice Rosenthal Rock.  Janice is one of the divas that
I have not met in person yet, but sure we will one day.  I love the Bella Rose DSP she used! 



Jennifer E

And this card is from Jennifer Eby.  I actually met Jennifer on Facebook and
invited her to join UDI.


And this card is from Lori Watson. I have not met Lori in Lori Wperson (yet) but
hope to one of these days.  Look at this cute card…you just gotta love the
shoes! I don't know if you can read it, but the front of the card says "Whether
you're a good witch or a bad witch, it's all about the shoes!"  Well, I am not
tell which witch I am…wink.



Tammy FAnd
this card is from Tammy Fite.  I met Tammy this year at Regional in Orlando. 
This meeting was actually kind of funny.  Tammy was coming up the stairs as I
was going down, we looked at each other and smiled and said hello in passing. 
Just as we each passed each other, we both stopped cold in our track and turned around and said "Hey, don't I know you?" So we hugged and said hi quickly.  We
were not able to spend much time together. In her card, Tammy said that she
wished that she could come down and take me out to lunch…Tammy, COME ON DOWN
and I will take you out to lunch!


Thanks for stopping at Jill's Stamping Corner (JSC),

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