Happy New Year and information about Paul Revere?…

Happy New Year and information about Paul Revere?…

First I wish you all a Happy New Year and my hope for you will be a prosperous and healthy year.

Why have I mentioned Paul Revere today? Well, it is speculated by many that today in 1735 Paul Revere was born. So, HAPPY BIRTHDAY Paul Revere. His exact date of birth is a mystery to historians because of the change from the Gregorian (Old Style) calendar to the Julian (New Style) calendar.

Are you still wondering why an rubber stamping and paper crafting blog is writing about Paul Revere?  Keep reading to find out.

Most of us know about Paul Revere’s Ride in April 1775 shouting “The British are coming”…however, that is wrong.  Most likely he would have shouted “The Regulars are coming,” but did you know that he did not ride alone. Like most of our ancestors many of us only know one or two things about them. Did you know that Paul Revere was a dentist the first person to practice forensic dentistry in the United States?

Okay, here is a reason why I am writing about Paul Revere…did you know that he produced engravings, or that there were books that had illustrations that were created by him, in addition to magazines? Wouldn’t it be interesting if Paul Revere was on the Stampin’ Up! Design Team? I think it would be neat to see what stamp sets he would have designed. What do you think?

To learn more about these not so well known facts click on the links in this post. What do you think about this post? Please leave a comment.

Again, Happy New Year!

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