Heartbleed Bug – The Password Bug We Don’ Want

Have you see news on the Heartbleed Bug or received any emails about changing your password?  This is something to take serious. PLEASE READ ALL OF THIS POST.

For many of us (I would bet most of us), a lot of what we do is on the internet, both personal and work related. Sending email, Facebook, shopping, blogging, banking, just to name a few.  Well I had a nice start of my “day job” this morning when I attempted to log in the web payment system we use and I was prompted to change my password.  Shortly after that I received an email from our director regarding the Heartbleed Bug and changing passwords.  By the end of my day, I received an email from our IT office saying that passwords for everyone would be reset.

I spent a good part of my day changing passwords.  If you are not sure about this or you think this might be a hoax, just do a general google search for Heartbleed Bug Password, you will find many different sites.  Facebook is one of the sites that you should change your password.  I went through my list today and changed all my passwords…why take a risk.  If I am having to change some, why not be on the safe side and change them all.

Please share this with all of your family and friends that you know spend time on the internet.

Leave a comment about your thoughts on Heartbleed Bug or about hackers in general.


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