If your laptop tells you, “need a new battery” you better get it!

If you have a laptop computer and you get a little window saying that your battery is not holding the charge…my advise is to get a new battery right away!  Yes, I was holding off to see how long I could got without having to spend the money on a new battery.  Well, the answer is not a long as I would have liked. 

Friday night the battery on my laptop died!  I was not able to get a new battery until after work yesterday, and were told that we needed to let the battery charge for at least 5 hours.  What did this mean for me?…no Saturday Diva Sketch Challenge and no Tuesday Color Challenge.  I will try to get these posted tonight to I can share with you what I did. 

I have learned my lesson, the hard way.  I will listen to my laptop next time and make it happy before it dies!  So stop by again later tonight or tomorrow to see what I created for the Saturday UDI Diva Sketch Challenge and for the Tuesday UDI Color Challenge.

Thanks for stopping by Jill's Stamping Corner (JSC), and be inspired, be creative, and share.

image from www.jillsstampingcorner.com



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