Importance of cleaning Stampin’ Scrub

What a busy day, it was filled with pressure washing.  Pressure washing is one of those "instant gratification" jobs, but a very slow moving job. While I was spraying away, I was thinking about all the other fun things that I could be doing. Of course stamping was in my thoughts. I stated thinking about the importance of keeping my Stampin' Scrub clean on a regular basis.

Let me tell you a little about the Stampin' Scrub. It is a "must have" item, along with the Stampin' Mist, if you are a rubber stamper. Stampin' Up!'s exclusively designed Stampin' Scrub makes cleaning the ink from your stamps a snap. Spray a few squirts of Stampin' Mist on one side which is considered the wet side and the other side is considered the dry side.  To clean your stamp when you are finished using it, gently rub your stamp on the wet side and then on the dry side…your stamp is clean and ready to be put away.

The Stampin' Scrub contains two removable and washable nylon-fiber scrubbing pads. The cleaning your scrubbing pads, the cleaner your stamps. The Stampin' Scrub is approximatly 7" x 7" which is large enough to clean your background stamps.  To clean, remove the scrubbing pads, rinse in clear water and let air dry.  By keeping your Stampin' Scrub clean on a regular basis will help keep from mixing ink colors. It is not recommended to put your scrubbing pad in the dishwasher.

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