It is never too early…for the holidays!

image from www.jillsstampingcorner.comIt is never too early to start getting ready for the holidays.  Lauren S. is already busy getting some
holiday cards done to free up her time around the holidays.



image from www.jillsstampingcorner.comLook at this cute pumpkin card.  I know that Lauren has a few nieces that will
probably receive this card.



image from www.jillsstampingcorner.comA hedgehog Christmas card. Lauren told me that she has made several cards using the same sample that she
has provided.



image from www.jillsstampingcorner.comI love her color combination on her snowman card.




Thank you Lauren for sharing your cards.  As for me, this has inspired me to
get started on my holiday cards.

I am planning a "Christmas in July" party, which is schedule for July 13th. 
I will provide further information about this party through my newsletter.  If
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Thanks for stopping at Jill's Stamping Corner (JSC),

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