Jill’s Stamping Corner – Re-Grand Opening – Holiday Gift Bags

Jill’s Stamping Corner has officially re-opened again with a great Re-Grand Opening. Today was a bitter sweet day for me, taking the steps to get my business going again, without the support of my husband, at least not physically here. I send out a “Special Thanks” to all those that attended.  I met several new people today which was a wonderful thing. There was a lot of Santa Gift BagStamping Therapy happening today.  I was very excited that I had one male in attendance at the first session, which I knew would add a different twist to the day.  At each session we made a Christmas card (will share in a couple of days) and a gift bag. Here is the original sample. This was the second project that we created.

After we completed out card, I was getting ready to pass out the bags and pre-cut cardstock and realized and said…”OH NO, I forgot to cut the cardstock for the bags!”  I tell everyone that they get to see me doing things from scratch…HERE IT COMES…the twist for the day…are you ready?  Lee (my male guest) looks at the bag and asks “do you have any green (cardstock)? I want to make an Elf.”

I have to thank Lee for the next photo which is the Elf bag that I created.  I want you to also notice the belt buckles on each bag.  I LOVE getting a male perspective when it come to creativity. They just think differently from women and it is great. So THANK YOU Lee for helping me come up with my Elf bag.

That is one of the reasons that I am a demonstrator…teaching other how to create but also learning from them and Elf Bagsharing different ideas. Here is the Elf bag.  It was great…everyone there started putting their own twist into their creation.  There were no two bags that looked the same.

Thank you…Julie, Lydia, Hannah, Vicki, Lee, Pat, Patsy, Jackie, Alisha, and Rebecca for making today a special day.

Tomorrow I will share the other bag that I created during the second session.

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