My “Top 5” Reasons to Stamp!

I was thinking the other day about stamping and why I love it so much, so I
decided to make a list of reasons why.  So here is my "Top 5" reasons to

1.  make new friends

2.  a good stress reliever

3.  a fun creative outlet

4.  wonderful handcrafted gifts

5.  beautiful handcrafted cards

6. Earn a little cash to buy more rubbah.

7. Something creative to do while DH watches sports, sports and more

8. Keeps the brain young and active learning new techniques.

9. Much more fun to do than laundry and housework.

10. When the weather is bad and you can't be outdoors it's better and more
creative use of time than vegging in front of the TV.

Okay, now that you have checked out my list, I want your help to make a
longer list.  Let's see how many reasons we can come up with to stamp.  Help me
by posting your reasons.  Come on, you can do it, go ahead just click that
little button below that says Comments.

I have added Judi's reasons to stamp to the list, let me add yours

Thanks for stopping by Jill's Stamping Corner (JSC),

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