New Stamping Year Brings New Ideas ~ Contest, Round 3

Again, this post will remain at the top until Monday, September 22nd, so scroll down to see any new posts.

WOW! I am so excited about the names that were submitted.  I again congratulate Carol for being our Round 2 winner.  There will be two sets of winners for Round 3.  One winner will be randomly pick from everyone that particiates in this round just for voting.  The other winner(s) will consist of the winning name participents.  As you can see below, I have combined catagories so we only have 7 and that there would be one post for each day of the week.  Below are the list of names for our different catagories.  I can't wait to see your favorite names.  Thanks for playing.

To play in Round 3, please choose your favoriate name for each catagory.  All votes most be in by Monday, September 22nd.  The winners will be announced on Tuesday, September 23rd. 

1.  Challenges (color combinations, sketches, inspiration, samples)

            "Triumphant Challenges"

  • “Frenzied Friday”
  • "Card Creativity”   
  • "Creatively Crafted Cards" 
  • “Saturday Sample Simplicity” 

2.  Technique (new techniques)

  • “Timely Techniques”
  • “Technique Tuesday”
  • “Tempting Techniques”

3.  Scrapbooking information (samples, ideas, layout, etc.)

    “Fun with Scrapin' ”


4.  Stamper Showcase (to feature someone's work)

·         "Sunday Stamper Skills Showcase" 

·         “Card Crazy Crafters”


5.  Product introduction (how to use them)

·         “Product “How to’s”

·         “Toys and More”


6.  3-D items, Non-Card gift items, Altered Items

·         “Wacky Wednesday”

·         “Mix It Up Monday”

·         “Mixed Up Monday”

·         “Give me more ideas day”

·         “Gifts Galore”

·         “Amended Alterations”

·         “Alter This”

·         “Amazing Alterations”


7.   Tutorials

·         “Tuesday Tutorial”

·         “Tutorial Tutor Tuesday”

·         “Silly Saturday” (anything goes)

  • “Super Sunday”


  1. Alicia TW says:

    1. Saturday Sample Simplicity
    2. Tempting Techniques
    3. Fun with Scrapin’
    4. Sunday Stamper Skills Showcase
    5. Toys and More
    6. Mix It Up Monday
    7. Silly Saturday
    Hmm…just picked two Saturday ones.
    Have a great day.
    Alicia 🙂

  2. 1. frenzied friday
    2. tempting techniques
    3. fun with scrappin’
    4. sunday stamper skills showcase
    5. toys and more
    6. mix it up monday
    7. silly saturday
    xox ~ carol.

  3. Lauren says:

    Hi Jill,
    The following ideas get my vote:
    1. “Frenzied Friday”
    2. “Technique Tuesday”
    3. “Fun with Scrapin’ ”
    4. “Sunday Stamper Skills Showcase”
    5. “Product “How to’s”
    6. “Wacky Wednesday”
    7. “Silly Saturday” (anything goes)

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