New Stamping Year Brings New Ideas – Contest~Round 1

Since this is the start of the new Stampin' Up! year, I have decided to make some changes to my blog.  I have some ideas but I need YOUR help.  We are going to make a game out of it too.  There will be several different rounds, which means several different chances of winning! You will have to come back before the end of this 3-day weekend to see what you could win.  All you have to do is help me out by leave a comment.  Who can join in the game?…ANYONE AND EVERYONE! so tell your friends.  (This post will remain on top through September 3rd which will be the end of Round 1, so scroll down to see any new posts.)

Round One:  I want to know what YOU want to see on a weekly basis.  Listed below are some of the ideas that I am going to start posting on a regular basis, but I need some additional ideas and want you to add to this list. 

  1. Challenges (techniques, color combinations)
  2. Techniques (new techniques)
  3. Scrapbook information (samples, ideas, layout, etc.)
  4. Stamper Showcase (to feature someone's work)
  5. Card Sketches (example of a card layout)
  6. Product introduction (how to use them)

To add to the list, just click on "comments" below, and add your suggestion and explanation, if needed (like I did above).  The deadline for posting comments will be September 3, 2008 at 8:00 p.m. EST.   A winner will be picked using and will be announced on September 4, 2008.


  1. Judi Harvey says:

    Ooops, I guess I was supposed to post my contest comment on this entry! My bad!
    Color combos with samples using those colors.

  2. Brenda says:

    Your list is great…’looking forward to being inspired by your creative ideas! I love seeing great pics of amazing cards…keep up the great work!
    ~Brenda H.

  3. Alicia TW says:

    I think your list is excellent!! I don’t even know what to add to help you out. Keep up the great work with the blog.

  4. Krista says:

    3-d items……
    I am so stuck with card making!!!!

  5. Claudia F. says:

    Wonderful blog! I love everything you do so if you want to pick techniques one day and something else another it’s all good.

  6. more scrappin. i’m such a scrap slacker.
    also, a bit more color here. there is too much white. :$
    xoxox ~ pp

  7. Swedie says:

    I like gift ideas and new ways to alter items. And I really appreciate all the clever boxes and gift bags that are created.

  8. Beth says:

    All of the above stuff sounds great, but in addition I would like to see some specials (personal ones or ones through stampin up!). Have a great long weekend!

  9. I would love to see sketch challenges. The layout always gives me trouble. Once I have a layout, I am good to go! 😉

  10. Lauren says:

    This is along the lines of “Techniques”, I suppose, but I would really love to see more samples and examples of gift ideas….I really like the magnetic post-it note holder that you and my sister have on your refridgerator, and I think something like that would be fun to make and give as a gift. I also want to learn how to make other small gifts, like a calendar, and candy holders, etc.

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