New Year – New Start

I was going to stamp something today and post it for the New Year to make a new start on my blog, however, I was not much in the stamping mood today after receiving some sad news.  So I am posting the following from a painting, named "Hope" that I have by Lee Roberson.

HOPE by Lee Roberson

"When life seems colored in tones of gray, the last little spark has flickered away, Thru unbroken darkness you stumble and grope, You're still not defeated – just hold on to hope.

The three that abide are faith, hope and love, So pick up the dram and give it a hove, And never cray "uncle" and never say "die" 'Cause darkness is thickest as dawn draws nigh!"

In memory of my mother-in-law, Alice Lillian Martin, 1934-2011, I love you and will miss you, RIP. My MIL would never end a conversation with good bye, so I will end by saying "Good Night, God Bless Ma!"

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