No time for my creative escape.

I only have about 5 minutes of spear time today so I decided to spend my creative escape to write this post. If you saw my February 11, 2014 post, I spoke about some of my daily “hats” that I wear.  Being a stamping business owner is one of the “hats” that I really enjoy wearing, but I have not been able to put that hat on much these days.  We are down to the last couple of days before my mother’s big move day. She is very “ready” to move. I am also ready (for it to be over). I am excited for her and will feel better for her to be in her new apartment.  She will be closer to and have easier access to my father who is living in the health center.

It has been tough the past few months, but I am very proud of my mother, who will be 82 year old next month, for making this move.  Even though she has had help from myself, my husband, as well as my brother and sister-in-law, she is making this move on her own. Meaning that all the other moves in her life were along side of my father.

Well, that is about all my 5 minutes.  I will give myself 5 minutes tomorrow as an escape and my blog will be my creative escape. Do you have 5 minutes to give yourself an escape? What would you do?

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