Sticky Problems?…Goo Gone

I was cutting and mounting a new stamp set yesterday and realized that it had been a little while since the last time that I cleaned my rubber scissors.  Then I started to think…”I wonder how many people know about Goo Gone?”  So, I decided that I would do a post about Goo Gone.  I can no longer live without Goo Gone.  It works wonders on a pair of sticky scissors.  I use just a little Goo Gone on a Kleenex or cotton ball and rub the scissor blades on both sides.  When all the sticky goo is gone, I get a clean Kleenex, paper towel, or towel and wipe the excess Goo Gone off.  I make sure that all the excess is gone before I use my scissors again.

When I work on my stamping project, at least when I get to the adhesive part, I don’t always use paper underneath.  So, obviously there are times that I get adhesive on my work surface.  Again, I use just a little Goo Gone to remove the adhesive and wipe clear the area.

Next time you have a sticky problem, reach for the “Goo Gone” and your problem will be wiped away.

My Specials

In addition to the great Stampin’ Up! specials offered throughout the year, I have listed my own specials.  Contact me if you would like to take me up on my offers or if you have any questions, I will be happy to answer them for you.


Would you like to receive a gift certificate from me for Stampin’ Up! products?  Check out my Refer A Friend Program.


Refer A Friend Program

How does this work?  Everytime you refer a friend to me you could receive a gift certificate from me.


~Receive a $5 gift certificate when you bring a friend with you to a stamping event or you refer a friend to me and your friend becomes a customer.


~Receive a $10 gift certificate when your friend books and has a qualifying workshop ($150 or more).


~Receive a $20 gift certificate if your friend decides to join my team and the Stampin’ Up! family.


Virtual Workshop

Don’t have time or the space to hold an in-home workshop?  Hold a virtual qualifying workshop and still receive all the same hostess benefits (free stamp set and free merchandise).  This is as easy as sending out an e-mail to all your friends and family.  Once you have reached $150 worth of orders, you have a qualifying workshop! But you don’t have to stop at $150.  The more orders you get the greater your benefits.  If you are interested in doing a virtual workshop contact me today for more information. 


Contact me if you have any questions about any of my specials, and return to this page frequently to see what’s new.


Welcome to and thanks for stopping by Jill’s Stamping Corner!

I’m excited to share with you the creative art of rubber stamping. Rubber stamping is one of the fastest growing crafts in the industry, and it’s easy to see why. You can create cards, scrapbook pages, home décor, books, and more.  I hope you will be inspired by the projects you see here—all of which were created with Stampin’ Up!® exclusive rubber stamps and accessories, unless otherwise noted.  I hope that you return often to get the latest information about SU!, to see what new project are posted, and to see what classes or stamping events are being offered. Contact me to find out how you can get a copy of the current SU! catalogs

Business Opportunity

I have a few questions for you:

  • Would you like control over your work schedule? 

  • Would you like to receive discounts on all your stamping and scrapbooking supplies? 

  • Would you like to receive a commission starting at 20 percent? 

  • Would you like an inside track on current trends in the stamping world? 

  • Would you like to make new friends? 

  • Would you like to be a Stampin’ Up!® demonstrator? 

Did you answer “YES” to any of these questions?


Come join my Stampin’ Up! team.  Contact me if you have any questions, and I will let you know how you can obtain all of this.


Jill St. Angelo

Post Office Box 21208

Tallahassee, FL 32316-1208



About Me

My Stampin’ Up! Story

My first introduction to Stampin’ Up! was through a karaoke bar that my husband and I owned.  Making a long story short…Lisa, my former upline come to the bar (June 2003) with her friends and family to sing.  She asked if I would mind if she could hold a “Stamp Camp” one Saturday at the bar, and I told her yes.  So come stamp camp day she asked if I would participate and being the nice person I am I said “sure,” but I had NO interest in SU! or what SU! was all about.  Everyone had a good time and a lot of fun, but I still had no interest.

Lisa asked if I would keep one of her SU! catalogs at the bar and if I saw anyone that I thought might be interested in SU! to show them the catalog and to talk to them about it and to see if I could get any orders.  My only interest at this time was to help out my new friend with her new business.  Several months went by, and the new SU! year started and she brought the new SU! catalog in for me to have at the bar.  She watched and listened to me show the catalog to different people and explain how the catalog was broken up in different sections, and how the stamps could be mixed and matched, and how the inks, paper and accessories matched, etc.  Lisa would comment that I really needed to sign up as a demonstrator.  Still only interested in helping her, I could not do the kinds of things that she did.

Cutting out boring bar stuff, my husband and I finally got out of the bar business, and by this time, Lisa and her husband had become very close friends.  I attended a couple of workshops/stamp-a-stacks that Lisa held, again to help her out, but at this point I was kind of enjoying it and started to put my own little creative mark on the projects that we did.  So in February 2005 I finally took the plunge to join the Stampin’ Up! family.  And what an awesome decision it has been.

Being a SU! demonstrator is a great creative outlet.  I make my own scrapbook pages, hand-made greeting cards, home-made gifts and much more.  SU! provides a high quality product, provides numerous avenues  and resources to be able to succeed.  SU! goes well above and beyond my initial expectations of a company. Best of all,  is the opportunity that I have of meeting some pretty awesome people and making new friends along the way, and some I know will last a lifetime.

Jill St. Angelo, P. O. Box 21208, Tallahassee, Florida 32316-1208, 850-294-7267,


Virtual Workshop

You do not have time to host a workshop, think again…host a virtual workshop!  You can do this with the on-line Spring~Summer Collection 2008.  Just e-mail the link to all your friends and once you have $150 worth of orders, you qualify for the hostess benefits (a free stamp set, free merchandise, plus a free catalog!)  Contact me to get started or if you have any questions.

Thanks for stopping at Jill’s Stamping Corner (JSC),

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