Stampin’ Up! Weekly Deals – January 6, 2015

These are the Stampin’ Up! Weekly Deals items for the week of January 6, 2015. They are only available this week only. Grab them while they are on sale.


Stampin’ Up! Holiday Catalog and Year End Closeouts ends today!

Stampin' Up! Holiday Catalog 2014Today is your last chance to order from the Stampin’ Up! Holiday Catalog 2014. Some of these items will never be available to order again! Take a few minutes and look through it one more time to make sure you have all the items that you wanted from the catalog. If there are still items you would like to purchase, click here.

Don’t forget to look at the Year End Closeouts which also ends today. Items marked up to 80% off. To see the Year End Closeouts click here.

Westminster Oaks Paper Crafting Class – Perpetual Card Mailing Calendar

First Westminster Oaks Paper Crafting Class this year. Had them working hard today. I got the ladies set up with a neat project to keep their cards organized for mailing. We made a special perpetual card mailing calendar. How many times have you either made or purchased a card for someone and NEVER sent it out in the mail? I have an idea that gives you the tool to help you do that. To receive a special offer for this class you have to be on my mailing list. Sign up now

Card Mailing CalendarI mentioned the idea of this calendar at one of my last classes and the ladies liked the idea.  I was also excited about doing this for myself.  I don’t know how many times I have created a card with someone specific in mind…and it sits with all the other cards that I have made and never got in the mail.

This is part of my “getting organized” movement, I decided to create this perpetual card mailing calendar to help me be more organized. For me, I think this will really help to actually get these cards in the mail to the person that is meant to receive the card.

This perpetual card mailing calendar will help for sending out birthday cards, anniversary cards, graduation cards, holiday cards, or any other type of card that you can think of sending to someone. To found out more about the calendar, make sure you sign up to be on the mailing list.

Stampin’ Up! Gift Box Punch Board…box to hold cards

I used the Stampin’ Up! Gift Box Punch Board to create this box that will hold cards. If you have seen the recent posts, I have been busy re-designing and re-organizing my stamping and craft room. While organizing, I realized that I have a lot of retired items that had not used up. When I decided to create this box, I dug into some of my retired stuff to use it up.

Gift Box Punch Board Box

I was please to be able to use up some of my retired items while creating this box. If you want to see what this box is being used for stop back by tomorrow.

Happy New Year’s from Jill’s Stamping Corner

Happy New Years 2015

Jill’s Stamping Corner wishes you a very Happy New Year. My hope for you is to have a very happy and healthy year, along with a lot of fun stamping and paper crafting time.

I created this Happy New Year wish using My Digital Studio.

Did you know that you are able to do a FREE 30-day trial of mds? Yes, it is like doing a test drive to see if you even like it.

Try the Stampin’ Up! MDS (My Digital Studio) for free. What are you waiting for…it is yours for free for 30 days. Try it, you might like it. Just click on the mds logo below





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Yet another Stamping and Craft Room Re-Design.

Punch StorageLet’s see, I have covered the ink pad storage, the stamp set storage, now to cover storage for punches in the stamping and craft room re-design.

Again, I purchased two storage units for my punches from Stamp-n-Storage. The bottom unit is the Lock Down Punch Holder and the top unit is the Whale Tail Punch Holder. I don’t have a picture to share of how I used to store my punches, but they were all in a basket with some stacked on top of the other. Each time when I looked for a specific punch I would have to search through my basket pick up punch after punch.  With my new punch holders you can see that it is much easier for me to locate the punch that I need or would like to use.

TIP: I have organized my punches by punch type and size. I have my circle punches together, scalloped circle punches, label punches, flower punches, etc. It is just easier for me to have them organized with “like” punches, and from largest to smallest.

Do you have any tips or design ideas you would like to share? Email Jill’s Stamping Corner and I will share your tip or idea.

Stampin’ Up! Weekly Deals

These are this week’s Stampin’ Up! Weekly Deals. Remember, they are only on sale for one week only.

Stamp Set Storage shared by Julia Gibson

Stamp Set StorageYesterday I shared what I have done for storing my stamp set cases. A special “thank you” goes out today to Julia Gibson for sharing a photo with us on how she stores her stamp sets. I know that Julia was busy in her stamping and craft room getting it all organized after a move to a new house.  This is one of the areas in Julia’s stamping and craft room where she stores her clear mount and photopolymer stamp sets. I also like how she has organized her color pencils. looks to me like she has organized them by color in different containers.  Love the fact that she has used coffee cups and other glass jars to have them and keep them organized. Way to go Julia!

If you would like to have your stamping and craft room design ideas shared on Jill’s Stamping Corner, email me.

Thanks again Julia for sharing your stamp case storage idea.

Another Stamping and Crafting Room Re-Design Share

Old Craft Room StampsYes, another Stamping and Craft Room Re-Design share. As I was talking the other day, having items close at hand make it easier to create paper craft project in a more efficient way, because it cuts out time and frustration looking in different areas for the items that are most used in projects.

The picture to the left is from my old stamping room. This shelf, which was on the other side of the room from my work area, is where I stored my stamp sets. As a Stampin’ Up! Demonstrator much of the time I use only current stamp sets. Don’t get me wrong, I like many stampers and paper crafters, I still have many retired stamp sets that I just cannot part with.

TIP: If at all possible, have your stamp sets at arms reach or very near your work area. Or at least have your most favorite, most used stamp sets nearest to you. This come from a question for someone recently that asked how/where I kept my stamp sets.

However, in my new stamping and craft room re-design, I really only need my current stamp sets at easy access. So keeping with my arms reach away theme I opted to purchase another item, the Stamp Case Shelf, from Stamp-n-Storage which allows me to have my stamp sets right in front of me while I am working. This shelf works great for my clear mount and photopolymer stamp sets. Looking at the second picture and you Stamp Case Storagecan see that I also have a couple of wood mount sets on my shelf. I do have an area just to the left of my new work area that I store all my retired stamp sets.


Stamping and Craft Room Re-Design…another share of what I have done.

Stamping Room Re-DesignToday I am sharing more of what I have done for my Stamping and Craft Room Re-Design.  As I stated yesterday, it helps to have an area that is organized to allow the creativity to flow. Having the items within arms reach makes for less frustration and less time spent searching for those items need for a specific project.

I wanted (needed) an area that I could easily grab items that I use most in creating my paper crafting projects, which are my ink pads, punches, and stamp sets.

TIP: When organizing your paper crafting area, think about the items that you use the most. You want to have these items closest to you…easy arms reach. You don’t want to spend time searching in different area for these items. I am sure like me, Ink Pads are one of the things you use most. Stampin’ Up! has the neat Color Caddy that you can easily store your ink pads and re-inkers. At the bottom of this post a link that you may click on for more information about the Stampin’ Up! Color Caddy.

You can see in this photo that on my desk I have my ink pads along with my matching re-inks and markers in one location, my current stamp sets all together, and my punches in their own area…all CR-Redesign7within easy arms reach.

Here is a close up picture of my ink pad storage unit. I finally purchased the Combo Holder from Stamp-n-Storage which I have wanted to get for a very long time. This storage unit makes it easy to store, AND keep all my ink pads, re-inkers, and markers stored together and organized. It also allows me to know exactly what products that I have.



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Color Caddy


Stamping and Craft Room Re-Design…oh what a difference it makes.

Some of you know that I recently moved to a new house and I had the opportunity to do a stamping and craft room re-design.  I was very excited that I had a room that was at least twice the size of my old stamping and craft room that I could really get re-organized and set it up to be a lot more functional.

Old Stamping RoomThis one picture of my old stamping room.

Over the next few days and weeks I will be sharing pictures of my stamping and craft room re-design, and share some tips that have help me to be more organized.

Do you have problems with your stamping and/or craft room and need help to get organized? Email me and I will help you with getting organized. If you have recently done a re-design or re-organize and you would like to share send me photos.

TIP: Having an area, big or small, it really helps to be organized to allow the creativity to flow and not be frustrated because of not being able to find items that are needed for a particular project.

New Stamping and Craft RoomNow here is a picture of the new stamping and craft room.

Looks a little better don’t you think?! Just from this picture doesn’t it look a little more functional?

Stampin’ Up! Weekly Deal

Here are this week’s Stampin’ Up! Hot Item deals. For this week only, grab them while they are hot.

Sending Out A Special Daydream Medallions Birthday Card

I have sent out a very special Daydream Medallions Birthday card to a very special person. I have a special cousin that is turning 60 today. Sending Tina much love and hope you have a wonderful day. Here is the card that I created for her. If you follow Jill’s Stamping Corner on Facebook you have seen the inside of the card. If you are not following just click on the link, and while you are them don’t forget to “LIKE” my page.

Please leave a comment wishing Tina a Happy 60th Birthday. At the bottom of this post you will fine the list of supplies used to make this card.

Daydream Medallions Birthday Card

Daydream Medallions Birthday Card










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Elegant Eggplant Stampin' Write Marker

Elegant Eggplant Stampin’ Write Marker
Big Shot


Tuesday means Stampin’ Up! Weekly Deal

It’s Tuesday and that means it is Stampin’ Up! Weekly Deal time. Here are this weeks HOT items. Want one of these discounted products, just click on the one you want. Remember, these deals only last one week.

Your Black Friday/Cyber Monday Paper Crafting Weekend Special

Exclusively from Jill’s Stamping Corner to all paper crafters, this is your Black Friday/Cyber Monday Paper Crafting Weekend Special.  This special runs from 6:00 a.m. (EST) Friday, November 28, 2014 to 11:59 p.m. (EST) Monday, December 1, 2014.


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Weekly Stampin’ Up! Deal

Take advantage of the Weekly Stampin’ Up! Deal. These items on sale for one week only!

Hot Deals with the Stampin’ Up! Online Extravaganza

 Stampin' Up! Online Extravaganza




It is time for the Stampin’ Up! Online Extravaganza! ONE WEEK ONLY! November 24, 2014 through December 2, 2014.

Today starts the 1st Door Buster (1st does mean there will be a 2nd Door Buster) but these discounts are only while supplies last. This is an excellent time to get some of those items on your wish list, or to take care of gift shopping for the paper crafters on your list.

Select Textured Impression Embossing Folders for only $5.00.

Gift Box Punch Board and Card Kit Bundles at 30% off.

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