Pets part of the family?…Yes or No

Sharing a little of my personal side today. I ask the question are pets part of the family? For our family the answer is YES!

I was going to launch a contest today, but have postponed the start of it. I am typing through tearful eyes today. We lost our beloved Ginger yesterday. She was a 14 year old Lemon colored Basset hound. There has been a lot of hugging, crying, laughing with funny memories of all the joy that she brought in our lives.  We just hope that she know how much we loved her.

GingerGinger (the one with the flopped back ears) was the mother and Alpha of our Basset Hound family. Ginger belonged to Zeus (the one at the top) who is the father and we are watching closely because of this loss.  Bigboy (the one in the middle) is the baby, the one out of their litter of 8 that we kept. Our little family circle has been broken.

What now? We cry, we mourn, we hurt, we feel guilt, we get through this, through the healing of time. There will be a day to come that I will not cry, that I can think about her and truly laugh at some of the fun memories that we have. I am so thankful that we brought her in our lives. The love and joy that a pet, in this case – Ginger, can bring to our lives will sustain through all the hurt and sadness. Each day will get better, less hurt, less sadness, less crying, but it will take time.

So I ask the question again, are pets part of the family?  If your answer is like ours…YES…show your pets a little extra love.  Tell them that you love them.  Give them an extra hug, extra pat, extra scratch.  Just show them a little extra something.

With that, Gingerbread our sweet baby girl, you will be greatly missed and we love you so very much. You will always be in our hearts. Until we meet again. Our pet, yes, you will always be part of our family. XOXOXO

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