Please don’t leave your Stamping Bag unattended.

If you are like me, you have to have some type of a stamping bag.  If you ever plan on going somewhere to do a little stamping, having some type of a bag to carry your supplies is essential.  One of my bags that I carry on a daily basis is my "Stamping Is My Business" bag.  This bag I use to carry my business supplies. 


I usually have a copy of the current catalogs, some order forms, my calendar, just to name a few items.  Most of the time I know exactly where this bag is and usually it is not too far away from me.  However, there was on day I put my bag on the love-seat when I got home from work.  I don't worry about my bag when I am at home…I am at home, it is safe, nothing is going to happen to it.  Just a little warning, from experence I might add, if you ever leave your bag unattended, you might find something in your bag that you don't remember putting in, something a little unexpected.

SIMB Bag 2

SIMB Bag 3 In this case, everything turned out to be just fine.  This is the newest addition to our family and he joins me, not only in my stamping bag, but also in the stamping room.

So I just ask, be careful with your stamping bag.  I guess I will need to check mine for any freeloader before leaving the house.


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  2. What a cutie! How fun to find a friend in your stamping bag!

  3. aww how cute is that kitty?? obviously having a stamping paws ;0)
    hmm i might need one of them bags … it would definitely raise questions from people and then can do my sales pitch on them lol

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