Scrapbooking Information – There is not just one way to scrapbook.

I think some people are a little apprehensive about scrapbooking because they
may not know where or how to start or might not want to make a traditional
scrapbook.  Well, guess what, there is not a "SET" way to scrapbook.  Over the
next few weeks I am going to post some non-traditional scrapbooks that I have
done and provide some ideas for you to think about.

This week, I am going to tell you about a very special scrapbook that I did
for a dear friend, and I had MUCH HELP in making this scrapbook.  Some of you
know, but others might not that I am a member of UDI (Utah Divas International)
that is an online group of Stampin' Up! demonstrator.  Anyway, Max Conrad, the
founder of this group is a wonderful lady and she last her dad earlier this year
from a long battle with cancer.  I thought that it would be a neat idea to make
a book for Max of sympathy and thinking of you cards.  All those that
participated sent me a 4 x 4 card that they made and I put each of the cards on
a 6 x 6 page.  I want to publicly thank each person that help in the creation of
this book, and in doing so, I share with you our creation, but will be doing
this over the next few days.  So today, I thank my diva sisters…

Elizabeth Harris, Judi Harvey, Kay Mespelt, Leslie Banks, Michelle Hoffman,
Sue Erickson, Pat Washburn, Christine Rebbert, Jaynell Giliberti, Kathy Blanco,
Brenda Weaver, and Joan Hajek.

Max - Elizabeth FULL

Max - Judi FULL
Max - Kay FULL
Max - Leslie FULL



Max - Pat W   

Max - Michelle FULL

Max - Jaynell

Max - Christine R




Max - Sue FULL

Max - Brenda
Max - Joan





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