SIMB (Stamping Is My Business) Live in New Orleans, LA

SIMB (Stamping Is My Business) Live in New Orleans, LA

Made it to New Orleans safely. Waiting for my roomies to arrive, then we will do dinner. It will have to be an early night because registration begins at 8:00 a.m. tomorrow.  It will be a full two days.  A little nervous, but very excited to meet John Sanpietro.  Really looking forward to hearing all the speakers that John has lined up for us. I know my head will be swimming with all the wealth of knowledge and information that will be giving to us over the next two days. 

I know that between now and Wednesday there will be a trip to Café du Monde for a café au lait and beignet or two. There will probably be a trip to one of the French pastry shops. Not sure at this point what else is on the agenda.  More to come from New Orleans.

p.s. can I just tell you, most people that drive on I-10 from Florida to Louisiana DO NOT drive the speed limit, and if you don’t keep up with them they will run over you! 

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