Stamping and Craft Room Re-Design…oh what a difference it makes.

Some of you know that I recently moved to a new house and I had the opportunity to do a stamping and craft room re-design.  I was very excited that I had a room that was at least twice the size of my old stamping and craft room that I could really get re-organized and set it up to be a lot more functional.

Old Stamping RoomThis one picture of my old stamping room.

Over the next few days and weeks I will be sharing pictures of my stamping and craft room re-design, and share some tips that have help me to be more organized.

Do you have problems with your stamping and/or craft room and need help to get organized? Email me and I will help you with getting organized. If you have recently done a re-design or re-organize and you would like to share send me photos.

TIP: Having an area, big or small, it really helps to be organized to allow the creativity to flow and not be frustrated because of not being able to find items that are needed for a particular project.

New Stamping and Craft RoomNow here is a picture of the new stamping and craft room.

Looks a little better don’t you think?! Just from this picture doesn’t it look a little more functional?

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