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I thought that I would do a little series here at Jill’s Stamping Corner called Stamping Basics.  You may know some of this information already, but though that we would get back to the basics.

QUESTION:  Stamps ~ Have you ever really looked at the wood blocks in your stamp sets and wondered why some are different colors and wondered if there was something wrong with the blocks? 

Wood Blocks

ANSWER:  Here is the answer.  If you have ever noticed items made with natural products, such as wood, each has its own unique look.  Stampin’ Up! uses maple-wood to make the blocks.  Because of this, each block has its own unique look, and you might even notice a slight difference in color too.  So the next time you receive a new set or you get a set out to play with, take a minute to look at the blocks.  Notice how the variation in color and markings enhances the overall beauty, and don’t think that you have a defective block.

Get those stamp sets out and take a look, let me know what your think of your blocks by leaving a comment.

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  1. Lauren says:

    Yeah, I know what you mean by the differences in the blocks…..Some of mine have different wood grain patterns and such. Doesn’t matter to me what they look like, though…They always work just fine and that’s what counts! 🙂

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