Stamping Basics ~ Stampin’ Up! Ink ~ part 1

This Stamping Basics will be in several parts, so don’t forget to come back.  If you have any questions about this or would like to get your own question answered, post your question in the comments section and I will try to answer it soon.

QUESTION:  Ink ~ What is the difference between dye ink (Classic) and pigment ink (Craft)? 

Dye Pigment Pads  








ANSWER:  Dye ink absorbs into the paper.  Pigment ink is usually thicker and does not absorb into the paper, it sits on top.  Many scrapbookers prefer pigment ink over dye ink because pigment ink is more resistant over time to fading than most dye inks.  There are some dye inks that are specifically formulated for scrapbooking use.  






The first picture is an image stamped with dye ink, which dries right away.  The second picture is an image stamped with pigment ink, which takes some time to dry.  I tried to get a good picture to show how the pigment ink sits on top of the card stock.   







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