Stamping Basics ~ Stampin’ Up! Ink part 6

Did you know that you could do some much with Stampin’ Up! ink?  Many of you may be happy that this is the last post about ink, but if you have any other ideas that I have not mentioned in the past 7 weeks e-mail me and I will add your idea to the list of things that you can do with ink.  I hope you have enjoyed learning about ink, but next week we will move on to something new.

QUESTION:  Ink ~ Can pigment ink be used on fabric?

ANSWER:  It can be used on fabric, but the color will not be as vibrant as used on paper, and it will fade slightly after heat-setting.  This is true for Stampin’ Up! pads as well as other in the retail market.  A trick that you can try to achive a more vibrant image, stamp it twice. The Stamp-a-ma-jib would be great to use for this to make sure you stamp the second time perfectly over the first image.  

Things you should remember when doing fabric stamping:

  • Make sure you prewash the fabric.
  • For best results, use a tighly woven and smooth-finished fabrics.
  • ALWAYS, ALWAYS, ALWAYS, test a small area of the fabric first.
  • Immediately heat-set after stamping.
  • You may wash as normal or hand wash, but it would be best to dry by air or line dry.

Re-ink your pad frequently for best results. 

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