Super Bowl Sunday, February 6th

I am going to leave this post at the time for a little while, remember to scroll down to see new posts.

The clock is ticking and we are getting closer to Super Bowl Sunday.  Now I know that some of you out there are die-hard football fans and I am right there with you on the 50 yard line, but I also know that some of you could care less about a football game, which is fine too.  I want to share with everyone that I am planning my own Super Bowl Sunday game, and everyone can play, football fan or not. 

If you want to play in my Super Bowl Sunday game you need to sign up on my mailing list to even have the chance of intercepting any of my specials.  Keep watching Jill's Stamping Corner, because as we get closer to "kick off" time you might see a post or two or three or four that will give you a little pre-game show.  Both teams, football fans and not, must be signed up on my mailing list by Friday, February 4th.  You will receive one email with all game rules as well as the game plan.  So don't get a delay of game penilty, sign up right now to join my mailing list.  Hope to see you on the game field or at least on the side lines watching the game.

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