Technology…Love It or Hate It?

Don't you love technology.  We are so used to having technology, such as computers, work the way that we expect it to and just take it for granted, but on those days when it is down….it causes undue stress.  Taking a little trip down Memory Lane…


  • Then - you put your finger in a little hole and you dialed the numbers you wanted.
  • Now – you either push a little button or just say who you want to call.
  • Then – if there was no answer you just hung up the phone and tried back later.
  • Now – you leave a voice mail message or you send a text message.


  • Then – you would buy items with cash or a check.
  • Now – you swipe your credit/debit card.  (Who carries cash anymore?)


  • Then – only big companies had computers.
  • Now – a large portion of the population has a computer.
  • Then – if it stopped working, for most of us it didn't make much difference.
  • Now – pulling out your hair, screaming at it like it is really listening to you, much added stress

Technology has changed so much over the years, and now days, there can be major changes between a month or two.  In some ways it is really sad that we rely SO much on technology, but if we want to function we have to go with the flow.  And since we do rely very heavily on all the current technology, it is or can be VERY frustrating when it does not work the way it should, or that we have no control over the situation. 

Well that is kind of what happened to me today.  I was working on a couple of post for my blog, and I kept on having to upload the photos before they would finally upload correctly.  I think there was CYBER issue today…not mentioning any specific company, but I will not able to access my blog or my email for a while today.  But everything looks to be working correctly now. So this is the post for today.  Back on regular Stampin' Up! projects tomorrow.

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