Check out this cool technique!  Metal Stamping!  Thank you Lynn for the opportunity to post this to Jill's Stamping Corner today.

Items that you will need to create this technique:TLC216-Metal-Stamping_by_Lynn_in_St_Louis

  • soda can, empty and rinsec
  • Scissors
  • Stazon Ink
  • card stock and other normal stamping supplies

Step One:

First, going in through the opening in the top of the can, cut down toward the side so that you will be able to get your scissors in and cut the top off of the can. Then, cut down one side and cut off the bottom as well.

Step Two:

Flattened the sheet out as much as possible without crinkling it. The sheet tends to remain in it's curved shape even after cutting, so choose the flattest section on which to stamp your image using Stazon Ink. Heat set the image, but be careful as the metal will heat up from using a heat gun. You could also just let the ink dry for a while, but you will have to be patient. After cooling, cut out the image and embellished at will.

This is what Lynn did for her card. 

"I used several glue dots to attach my metal to my card, although I'm sure a glue suitable for metal would work just as well…I was just impatient and wanted instant results. To add color to your image, you can use any color medium that will adhere to a non-porous surface."

Now it is your turn to try this technique.  Send me a photo of your creation to jill@jillsstampingcorner.com and let me showcase you.

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  1. Michelle says:

    That is amazing! I’ll have to be brave and try it sometime.

  2. Judi Harvey says:

    WOW! Love this and will definitely have to try it sometime.

  3. cute, but i’d hate to see what it does to your scissors. haha.
    ps. right back at ya ~ stalking.

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