The Most Important Technique You’ll Every Learn

What is the most important technique you’ll every learn! When we say techniques, most of us think about different techniques such as watercolor, embossing, kissing, to name a few, but do you ever think about layering as a technique? I would be that most of you would say “no”.

My opinion, layering is a technique, and is the most important technique you will ever learn. Why, you might ask? Let’s talk about the other techniques I mentioned earlier.

  • Watercolor…there are several different ways to accomplish the watercolor technique. It can be accomplished using markers, crayons, blender pens, aqua-painter, but when you are done, it is still watercolor.
  • Embossing…again, there are several different ways to accomplish the embossing technique.  There is dry embossing, heat embossing, embossing resist, and there are several different ways that you can accomplish each of these embossing technique. I have to add that embossing is my favorite technique, but again, when you are done, it is still embossing.
  • Kissing…this is a great technique for reflections and to achieve the opposite stamped image. It is definitely a WOW technique, but still not the most important technique you will learn.

Why do I say that layering is the most important technique you will learn?

  • Layering adds texture to your stamped projects.
  • Layering adds dimension to you paper crafting projects.
  • Layering adds focus to your projects.
  • Layering adds and helps to bring out colors in your projects.

I hope this post will shine a new light on layer for you and what the importance this technique is for rubber stamping and paper crafting.

Share your thoughts on what technique is the most important to learn.

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