Westminster Oaks Paper Crafting Class – Perpetual Card Mailing Calendar

First Westminster Oaks Paper Crafting Class this year. Had them working hard today. I got the ladies set up with a neat project to keep their cards organized for mailing. We made a special perpetual card mailing calendar. How many times have you either made or purchased a card for someone and NEVER sent it out in the mail? I have an idea that gives you the tool to help you do that. To receive a special offer for this class you have to be on my mailing list. Sign up now

Card Mailing CalendarI mentioned the idea of this calendar at one of my last classes and the ladies liked the idea.  I was also excited about doing this for myself.  I don’t know how many times I have created a card with someone specific in mind…and it sits with all the other cards that I have made and never got in the mail.

This is part of my “getting organized” movement, I decided to create this perpetual card mailing calendar to help me be more organized. For me, I think this will really help to actually get these cards in the mail to the person that is meant to receive the card.

This perpetual card mailing calendar will help for sending out birthday cards, anniversary cards, graduation cards, holiday cards, or any other type of card that you can think of sending to someone. To found out more about the calendar, make sure you sign up to be on the mailing list.

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