Why I Love Working For My Boss!

Did you know today is National Bosses Day? Happy Bosses Day! Since it is Bosses Day, I thought I would share with you why I love working for my boss. I have the greatest boss in the whole wide world.

  • Fun to be around (most of the time).
  • There is much laughter at things that are said and done.
  • There is teasing without worry of feeling being hurt.
  • Total openness without worry of being fired.
  • A great teacher.
  • Freedom and empowerment to work on my own projects.
  • Allows me to set my own hours.
  • Always there to help me figure out problems.
  • Allows me to have control over my own future.
  • Allows me to se my own pay.

Now really, could you ask for a better boss? So Happy Bosses Day…to me!

If you would like to work for a boss as describe above, maybe it is time for you to be your own boss. Stampin' Up! is running a great offer through the end of October for joining Stampin' Up! and my team.  For more information click on Join now. Call me 850-294-7267 or email me sujill@jillstangelostamps.com if you are interested or if you have any questions.

Think about the possibilities and fun you could have being your own boss.

Happy Stamping,





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