Why is it important to send out cards to people?

If you saw my post from yesterday, I was talking about the importance of sending out cards to people. I am going to add a little more to that and ask “Why” is it important to send out cards?

This is just my opinion, you can agree or disagree. Why don’t we just add this…please leave a comment if you agree or disagree or even want to add something.

It is important to send out cards because…

  • it lets someone know that you are thinking about them
  • it shows someone that you care about them
  • it is something “tangible” that someone can touch and hold on to
  • you have gone beyond just sending a text
    • you have created a card
    • you have written a note in the card
    • you have addressed the envelope
    • you have put a stamp on the envelope
    • you have put the card in the mail

In the day of technology, we have gotten away from the “personal touch” of things. Let’s see if we can start “giving” that person touch.

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