Yet another Stamping and Craft Room Re-Design.

Punch StorageLet’s see, I have covered the ink pad storage, the stamp set storage, now to cover storage for punches in the stamping and craft room re-design.

Again, I purchased two storage units for my punches from Stamp-n-Storage. The bottom unit is the Lock Down Punch Holder and the top unit is the Whale Tail Punch Holder. I don’t have a picture to share of how I used to store my punches, but they were all in a basket with some stacked on top of the other. Each time when I looked for a specific punch I would have to search through my basket pick up punch after punch.  With my new punch holders you can see that it is much easier for me to locate the punch that I need or would like to use.

TIP: I have organized my punches by punch type and size. I have my circle punches together, scalloped circle punches, label punches, flower punches, etc. It is just easier for me to have them organized with “like” punches, and from largest to smallest.

Do you have any tips or design ideas you would like to share? Email Jill’s Stamping Corner and I will share your tip or idea.

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